Host Your Own Dream School with Lance Rhoades

Hosting a Dream Interpretation School or Seminar is an easy way for you and your friends to learn more about their sleep cycles and find out exactly what God is trying to say to them in their dreams. There are multiple ways to host a dream event and I am very flexible to fit into any system you already have set up but here are some great options that have worked well in the past.

One Hour Session

Lance can come and share for as little as one half hour but an hour is highly recommended for a good primer class. This is a great conference session, Sunday morning sermon, or even a small group meeting!

8 Hour 1 Day Event

This event works best on a Saturday with a lunch and maybe a light breakfast. Hosted at your facility, Lance is able to go through about six hours of teaching and it will include dream interpretations as part of the class. Our goal in these sessions is to give all students a basic understanding of their own dream life and how to start interpreting on their own.

2 Day Conference

Scheduling a Two Day Conference gets the best of this ministry because part of the conference will include a night of dreaming. Each student gets workbooks and is trained in how to journal their own dreams and we then interpret them together the next morning.

I had to take a minute and thank Pastor Lance and to recommend the “Dream Seminar” that he does. I was so blessed to go through it twice and each time I came away with so much wisdom and understanding of why and how God uses dreams in our lives as well as being able to interpret my own dreams. The first time I went was to a friends church to “check it out” and after going through it I knew I had to have him come to our ministry. Everyone from our ministry that went through the weekend was extremely blessed and they are actually able to interpret their own dreams now, Which really helps me out as a Pastor because they were all coming to me to interpret their dreams. It also brought about a lot of interaction between the congregation because they would discuss their dreams with each other and this really began to help people build relationships in the ministry as well.

I highly recommend inviting Pastor Lance to do a weekend seminar. It will help you and your congregation to understand how God is speaking so strongly to this generation in dreams and by the time the weekend is over you will be able to understand your dreams and what God is saying to you.

Pastor Dennis See

Director of Harrisburg Justice House of Prayer

The PAHOP Network

Founder of The Altar International House of Prayer

Dennis See


Lance Rhoades is pastor, church planter and entrepreneur. He was dramatically touched by God as a teenager and moves under a strong prophetic mantle. Lance has been called a modern day mystic by many. His heart is to see the world reached with the message and the power of God. Pastor Lance utilizes technology to train and release disciples all over the world. He has devoted his life to helping people embrace the supernatural in order that they might be set free from negative spiritual forces influencing their lives.

When Lance isn’t busy ministering to his community, he is building websites and social media strategies for ministries and businesses. He lives with his wife and three children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more about his church, visit


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